Diversity & inclusion: How can organisations champion D&I?


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The words ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ have rapidly gained pace in the business world with more organisations recognising the value of embracing difference – but what actually is it? And how can organisations effectively and authentically champion D&I?

In this video Leo Liemesak, Planned Resources, and Lisa Annese, Chief Executive Office of the Diversity Council of Australia, discuss:

  • 0:00 Background on the Diversity Council
  • 01:50 What does ‘diversity’ & ‘inclusion’ in the workplace actually mean?
  • 08:00 Examples of successful workplace practices
  • 13:00 Inclusive recruitment practices & biases
  • 21:10 How organisations can take the first step in building an inclusive workplace

Learn more about the Diversity Council of Australia: www.dca.org.au


Leo Liemesak, Associate Director

Leo is part of our powerhouse Planning team; he recruits in Town Planning working with private and public sector clients and candidates. 


Connect with Leo on LinkedIn

Contact: 0450 911 172 or leo.liemesak@plannedresources.com.au



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