(Filled) Principal Transport Planner


This busy council is seeking to appoint Principal Strategic Transport Planner to develop and manage their strategic transport policy.

Currently at the outset of developing their new strategic transport policy your work will form part of a suite of policies and guidelines relating to Open Space and Community Infrastructure that recognises the need for precinct level guidance as opposed to municipal wide strategy.

Working from the development of issues/options through to adoption, you, (aided by a transport planner and external consultants where required) will help to create a policy that is contemporary and helps to create modal shifts to more sustainable forms of transport where possible; whilst also recognising the requirement for other modes of transport.

Supported by management who see this as a key policy document you will innovate, advocate and educate for better solutions. Creating at the end of the day an innovative yet pragmatic document that can be implemented and make key changes to how people move about the municipality.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A passion for transport, especially a desire to move to sustainable modes of transport. Preference would be for a candidate with demonstrated experience in this space from either the public or private sector, but candidates who can demonstrate a genuine passion for the subject matter would be also considered.
  • An ability to assimilate complex data and write concise reports that tell a story, engage an audience and create a compelling factually backed narrative.
  • Experience in engaging with stakeholders understanding concerns from councillors, community (including major businesses), internal peers and external stakeholders and be able to empathise, educate or negotiate with as required.

The role is a fixed-term contract for an initial 18 months, available in either a full or part-time capacity. Scope is available at the end of the contract to continue in the role as the project moves from the strategy to implementation phase.

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Russell Locke
0407 111 364

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