Opportunities in Queensland’s surveying market & tips for moving interstate


Planned Resources recruit across the niche markets of planning, engineering, architecture and design, property, and government support. We operate​ across private and public sectors in Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia. 

In this video, Alex Black, Planned Resources, chats to Adam Criddle, Veris Team Leader – Cairns. They discuss the opportunities in Queensland’s surveying market & Adam’s interstate relocation for a new role.


Alex and Adam cover:

  • 0:49 Why Adam relocated from Melbourne to Cairns
  • 1:30 The opportunities for Surveyors in Queensland
  • 2:25 Registration requirements
  • 4:10 Interview tips for candidates who want an interstate role
  • 5:55 Candidates who are best suited to relocate interstate
  • 7:10 Advice on what to consider for a successful interstate move

For more information: www.plannedresources.com.au


Alex Black, Recruitment Consultant

Alex brings professional and technical recruitment knowledge to the Land Surveying and Development space. He has a partnering mindset, ensuring an understanding of our client’s business and the importance of a cultural fit as an equal to technical fit.


Connect with Alex on LinkedIn

Contact: 0424 027 532, alex.black@plannedresources.com.au



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