Responding Politely to Recruiters on LinkedIn When You’re Not Actively Job Searching


Planned Resources recruit across the niche markets of planning, engineering, architecture and design, property, and government support. We operate​ across private and public sectors in Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia. Here, Leo Liemesak gives his tips on how to respond politely to recruiters on LinkedIn when you’re not actively job searching.


LinkedIn is a valuable platform for professional networking, and it’s common to receive messages from recruiters. However, what should you do when you’re not actively looking for a new job but still want to maintain positive connections in your industry? In this blog, we’ll guide you through the art of responding politely to recruiter messages on LinkedIn when you’re not actively job hunting.

1. Express Gratitude

Start with a polite and appreciative tone. Begin your response with a simple “Thank you for reaching out” or “I appreciate your message.” This sets a friendly and respectful foundation for the conversation.

2. Acknowledge Interest

Recognize the recruiter’s interest in your profile and skills. You can say, “I’m flattered by your interest” or “It’s great to know that my profile caught your attention.”

3. Be Honest but Diplomatic

If you’re content in your current role and not actively seeking new opportunities, it’s okay to communicate this. You can say, “I’m currently in a position that I enjoy” or “I’m not actively looking for a new job at the moment.”

4. Express Openness

While you may not be seeking a new job now, it’s good to convey your willingness to keep the door open for future possibilities. You can say, “I’m open to staying in touch for potential opportunities down the line” or “I’d be interested in hearing about opportunities that align with my long-term goals.”

5. Maintain Professionalism

Remember that maintaining a professional image is crucial. Even if you’re not actively job hunting, staying polite and approachable can benefit your reputation in the long run.

6. Clarify Your Career Goals

Share a bit about your current role and your career aspirations. This can help the recruiter understand your professional journey better. For instance, “I’m currently working as [your role] at [your company], and I’m focused on [your career goals].”

7. Ask for Industry Insights

You can express interest in gaining industry insights or trends from the recruiter. This keeps the conversation valuable and relevant. For example, “I’d love to hear your perspective on industry trends or insights.”

8. Connect and Stay Connected

If you haven’t already, consider connecting with the recruiter. This maintains an ongoing connection and makes it easier for them to reach out when you are ready to explore new opportunities.

9. Respond Promptly

Just because you’re not actively job searching doesn’t mean you should leave messages unattended. Respond in a timely manner to show respect for the recruiter’s time and effort.

10. Thank Them Again

End your message by thanking the recruiter once more for their outreach. This is a polite way to close the conversation. For example, “Thank you again for getting in touch.”


Responding politely to recruiter messages on LinkedIn when you’re not actively job searching is an essential aspect of maintaining a positive professional network. By expressing gratitude, honesty, openness, and professionalism, you can keep the lines of communication open for potential future opportunities. Remember, building and maintaining connections is a valuable part of career growth, even when you’re not actively seeking a new job.


By Leo Liemesak, Associate Director

Leo is part of our powerhouse Planning team; he recruits in Town Planning working with private and public sector clients and candidates. 

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