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Over the past six months, I’ve listened and spoke with a range of business leaders and employees within the general construction / engineering space. This has helped me get a gauge on how the market is trending and as excepted the answer to this varies greatly depending on who you’re speaking to.

In a perfect world I’d be able to just throw out a straightforward summary of the shifts and trends within the sector, however reality is more nuanced. Some businesses are thriving, with plenty of work on the horizon and confidence in their future prospects. Others are less optimistic, experiencing declines in workloads, which is concerning if not addressed. There are businesses who are thriving, with plenty of work on the horizon and filled with confidence about their future. While other companies are less bullish and may have experienced a decline in workloads – Which can be concerning if not corrected.

Obviously global inflation and the subsequent interest rate rises significantly impacted the industry such as the government reducing big project spending in some areas; Rail, Commonwealth Games etc… On the flip side of this we still have a growing population and an ambitious private sector keen to push forward; so fortunately, I’m still seeing some good strong employment opportunities around the building services, engineering, consulting and design space for those that are prepared to diversify or work on a broader range of projects.

Quite clearly inflation is still a major thorn in the side of the economy and with the price of fuel, power, insurance, construction materials etc, it’s clear it’ll be an issue for a while longer. With this in mind, I think it’s important for all participants in the construction space to do our best not to increase our own prices too much or beyond what’s needed. You never know it might help create a better, more buoyant 2025 and beyond.


Written By: Alan Pratt, Senior Consultant

Alan is our Senior Engineering Consultant, he has recruited for infrastructure, civil, environmental, building services – and anything else related to the engineering sector – for more than a decade. 


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