Senior Animal Management Officer (ref. 36560)

An experienced professional with a love for animals and a rich background in animal management seeks new opportunities within the sector. Having served in various capacities, including vet nursing, animal management, and recently as a Coordinator in Parking, Local Laws, Animal Management, and School Crossing within a council setting, they are now eager to transition into a role within the Animal Management sector.

Their expertise in animal management encompasses enforcement of the Domestic Animal Act 1994, including conducting investigations and prosecutions related to dog attacks, overseeing animal seizures, and addressing compliance issues within domestic animal businesses. Noteworthy achievements include orchestrating a successful biennial community event endorsed by the Lord Mayor and contributing to the development and implementation of the council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan, earning accolades from both the DEPI and the Lord Mayor for DAMP.

With a Certificate IV in Government Regulation & Animal Control, they possess both practical skills and formal qualifications to excel in the field.

With a strong desire to make a lasting impact on animal welfare in Melbourne’s metro areas, they are actively seeking a long-term contract or permanent position and are available to start with just one week’s notice.

Interested in this Candidate:

Please contact Ash Fajerman on 0449 938 399 or email

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