Sportsground Project Officer (ref. 32315)

An individual based in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs, seeking opportunities in the west, north, and CBD areas, is available with one month’s notice. With a robust academic background comprising a Bachelor of Sports Management specializing in Sport and Active Communities, a Bachelor of Business, and a Diploma of Sports Development, they have achieved notable success in their career trajectory.

Their journey began with a strong theoretical foundation, which paved the way for their accomplishments in AFL coordination, project assistance, and their current role as a project coordinator overseeing designated projects. In their current capacity, they play a pivotal role in preparing tenders, quotes, and contributing to business development and marketing endeavors. Their responsibilities extend to networking and promoting brand initiatives, conducting research on sport, recreation, open space, and trail trends, demographics, and other relevant factors to ensure project success.

Beyond their visible skills, this candidate brings expertise in risk management, project management, reporting, documentation, and presentation skills. Their multifaceted skill set and dedication to delivering high-quality outcomes make them a valuable asset to any team or project.


Interested in this Candidate:

Please contact Ash Fajerman on 0449 938 399 or email

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