Strategic Planning Coordinator

This regional city have an ambitious program of strategic planning works to deliver.  This work will be at the forefront of positioning them as a destination place to live, work and play. 

As the coordinator you will play a critical part in the delivery of these strategies, helping to provide high level strategic vision and thought leadership into projects from the outset, and then steering your team through the delivery phase to ensure that the outcome maintains the contemporary thinking, is considerate of local context and specific community needs and creates documents and guidance that allows for consistency in decision making whilst not stifling innovation.

The ideal candidate will;

  • Be able to think outside the box:  You don’t get to lead by following what people have already done!  You’ll challenge the status quo and be looking for ways to innovate and lead contemporary planning practice.
  • To Inspire Others: From your team to the community, your passion will shine through in inspiring others to see your vision.
  • Be collaborative: Whilst you’ll have vision, you’ll accept input from your team and community on aspects you may not have considered or approaches that may benefit the project.  This collaborative style will help people identify with the project and allow your team to see you as an inclusive mentor.
  • Be Proud:  As this is a regional city, you will probably be living and working within its boundaries.  You’ll be proud of where you live and the changes you are making to elevate the cities status across Australia.

As a large regional city, it has a population size that has the nightlife for a young single person, the surrounds for someone more interested in outdoor activities and the infrastructure and economy to support a family prepared to move in terms of schools, jobs for partners etc. 

As a regional city the impacts of your policies can be directly seen on the ground and attributed to you, as opposed to blurring into the landscape of the neighboring municipality.  So, the role will appeal to a Senior strategic/policy planner or coordinator looking to genuinely make a visible mark. Offering an attractive salary and a great place to live this role is one not to be missed.

For more information please call Russell Locke at Planned Resources on 0407 111 364 or email

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