The best questions to ask in a job interview


Planned Resources recruit across the niche markets of planning, engineering, architecture and design, property, and government support. We operate​ across private and public sectors in Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia. Here, Kirsten Ellis shares the best questions to ask in a job interview.


We usually prepare thoughtful answers to questions that may arise during a job interview – but what if your interviewer asks you for questions?

Don’t just ask the first question that pops into your mind. Asking thoughtful questions during a job interview can demonstrate your interest in the position, company, and your preparedness. It’s also a great opportunity to get a sense of the organisation, its culture, and what the team might be like to work with.

Your opportunity to ask questions typically comes at the end of an interview. It’s important to prepare for this part of the interview as you would for the other questions, so come with a few questions prepared – but where to start?

Here are some questions to consider asking…

Role and responsibilities:

  1. Can you describe a typical day or week in this role?
  2. What are the key objectives or goals for this position in the first six months?
  3. How does this role contribute to the overall success of the team and company?
  4. Are there any opportunities for professional development or advancement within this role?
  5. How does performance and success in this role get measured?

The company:

  1. What is the company culture like and how does it support employee growth and well-being?
  2. Can you tell me about recent company achievements or projects that the team has been working on?
  3. What sets this company apart from its competitors in the industry?
  4. What do you envision for the company’s growth and direction in the next few years?
  5. How does the company support diversity and inclusion within the workplace?

The team:

  1. Can you describe the dynamics and collaboration within the team I would be working with?
  2. How does communication flow between different departments and teams?
  3. What are some of the team’s recent successes, and how did they work together to achieve them?
  4. What is the preferred management style for this team and role?
  5. How does the team balance individual contributions with collective goals?

The hiring process:

  1. What are the next steps in the interview process, and when can I expect to hear back from you?
  2. Is there any additional information or documentation you would like from me?
  3. Can you provide more insight into the onboarding process for new hires?
  4. How does the company ensure a smooth transition for new employees coming on board?
  5. Are there any specific challenges or areas of improvement the team is currently focused on?


The key is to make this portion of the interview feel like a continuation of the conversation. The questions you ask should reflect your genuine interest in the role and the company, so tailor your questions to the specific context of the interview and make sure to listen carefully to the responses to continue the conversation effectively.

Avoid asking questions that can easily be answered by researching the company beforehand and don’t focus solely on salary and benefits during the initial interview stages, as you’ll have a chance to discuss this in more detail as the hiring process progresses.

Good luck!


By: Kirsten Ellis, Senior Property Consultant

Kirsten specialises in the property market, providing recruitment services for private and government clients. With this niche understanding, Kirsten partners with candidates and clients to understand their needs and ensure results.


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